Travel Team Overview

The Evergreen Travel Program is open for boys in the 5th Grade (2026) through 12th Grade (2019). Boys can be invited to the Evergreen Travel Program by attending our scheduled Tryouts, Evolution Academies, Positional Academies, and Camps as well as recommendations from coaches in the area (including those on our staff).

Those who are invited to the travel program have the opportunity to benefit from numerous high level training opportunities during the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer seasons.

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During the Fall (Sept-Nov) and Summer (May-July), travel athletes will train 2-4x a week depending on the season while also competing in scrimmages, play-days and tournaments.

Athletes will train with their age group pools rather than just with their individual team. These age group pools range from 35-45 players per graduation year. This allows for high attendance, high repetition and maximum competition at every session offered. All of our coaches will teach the same concepts and terminology to all the players from offense, defense, man-up/down, rides and clears. There will be dedicated time during each session to work with their specific team to prep for tournament play.

For tournaments, players will be split into two rosters - Elite and Select.

  • Elite teams are made up of players in the travel program that will compete at the AA/A level at tournaments. The roster will hold 18-20 players.

  • Select teams are made up of players in the travel program that will compete at the A/B level at tournaments. Select rosters will also hold around 18 players but may also feature some players from the Elite team as well.

Note: We field pure-graduation teams at the following years: 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026. Some teams will have the capability to be split into Elite/Select teams while some will not.

All players are guaranteed at least 2 tournaments in the Fall and at least 3 tournaments in the Summer and none of the tournaments between the Elite and Select teams overlap which allows some players to play “up” on the elite team if players are needed and vice-versa. Some players will have the opportunity to play in additional tournaments as needed.




During the Winter (Dec-Feb) and Spring (Mar-May), travel athletes will focus on individual development through participation in our Evolution Academies. These academies are 90-120 minute sessions that focus on developing an athletes positional skills, concepts and IQ.

Athletes will train with their age divisions rather than just with their individual team/grad year. These age divisions are High School (2019-2023) and Middle (2024-2026). This allows for high attendance, high repetition and maximum competition at every session offered. Sessions are usually broken up by: Stick Development, Positional Training and Live Reps.


pricing overview

Year-Round Total Cost: $3200 ($200 discount if paid in full)

All practices/training sessions are 90-120 minutes. Tournaments are both local and away.

  • Fall (September - November): $900
    ~10 Team Practices | ~10 Training Sessions | 2-3 Tournaments | Team Camp

  • Winter (December - February): $500
    ~18 Training Sessions | Box League (Separate Cost) | Strength/Conditioning Program (Separate Cost)

  • Spring (March - May): $300
    ~12 Training Sessions | 1 Tournament (Separate Cost)

  • Summer (May-July): $1500
    16 Team Practices | ~16 Training Sessions | 3+ Tournaments | Team Camp

Also includes: Under Armour Uniforms, Practice Kit, Scrimmages, Play Days, Access to E-Library. Video Analysis, Recruiting Assistance, Classroom Sessions/Film and more.

Payment Plans, Scholarships and Sibling Discounts Available

No other club in our region offers as many all-inclusive training opportunities as we do. experience evergreen today.

Our Philosophy

Our coaching staff is dedicated to providing an exceptional atmosphere where our players can develop their lacrosse skills as well as their ability to work in a team environment. The coaching staff, as well as our players, will be guided by our two main philosophical components:

  1. Respecting The Game At The Highest Level  

  2. Constant Performance Improvement

Respect The Game At The Highest Level: “To Get Respect You Must Give Respect”

Our mission is to use the game of lacrosse to instill great values into our players so that they find success on and off the field. Under the umbrella of “Respecting The Game” we outline these key aspects:

  • Our-Self

  • Our Teammates

  • Our Coaches

  • The Field

  • The Opponents

  • The Opposing Coaches

  • The Refs

Constant Performance Improvement: “Get Better Everyday”

As individuals, and as a team, getting better each day must remain a consistent focus. As a staff, we are committed to pushing our players to reach the full potential of their lacrosse skills. To do this, we utilize a variety of key components such as:

  • The E-Library

  • Performance Improvement Sessions

  • Team Training

  • Tournaments

  • Hour/Age Rule (Our athletes should be training the same amount of hours as their age throughout the week. Ex: 13 year old son should be training lacrosse related skills 13 hours a week including our Evergreen training.)

Parent / Player Expectations

  1. You must do well in school!
  2. Each player is expected to make the practices, games, and tournaments so that when we practice everyone is up to speed on our game plan and things we would like to improve on from time to time. Throughout the year, we realize there will be conflicts and we will handle on a case by case basis. But missing a practice before a tournament may result in very limited playing time, not as a punishment, but your son may not know what he is doing and how it affects the other players.
  3. Players will be put into positions over the course of the year so they may learn a specific position well. Your child may be playing a position that they are not used to. They will begin to understand their role and how it plays a part of the team’s success. Players will also understand that this is a select team, and not every player will play an equal amount of time, and even sometimes not play at all during a game, nor will players tell the coaches where they want to play.
  4. Players are expected to take care of their equipment, uniforms, and apparel so that the responsibility lies on the kids to understand that everything has a value. Players will take their equipment on and off the fields and make sure as a team we have everything picked up. No parent should be bringing their son’s bag to and from practices or games.
  5. As a family and players we expect all of our athletes, coaches and families to make sure fields are cleaned of water bottles and garbage.
  6. Each player will be responsible for making sure they get to know their teammates, and they will always be positive to each other, pick each other up to congratulate each other when we succeed as a team, and to never blame an individual for a team loses or mistakes… Be happy for your team mate when they do something well, or have a great game; tell them they had a great game.  NEVER make fun of, or belittle another player on this team or any other team within our program or teams we play against.
  7. Respect where ever we go – you are now representing the entire Evergreen Lacrosse Club organization and we will conduct ourselves with class, always use your manners. Failure of a parent of player to act accordingly can result in some serious circumstances.
  8. Sportsmanship -At the end of each game we will always get our goalies – and shake hands with the other team. Failure to conduct themselves in a respectful way of any sort on or off the field will have consequences.
  9. Parents are a representation of the Evergreen Lacrosse Club as well - no yelling at refs, you will be positive with your sons, and you will cheer for all the players on field, not just your son. Your instruction may be in direct conflict from what we teach your son. So we ask to keep your feedback while your son is playing to positive comments that are directed towards hustle, desire, and not strategy. Parents promise to support the team and all its players not just your own child. Parents need to support this idea of team and to restrain from comments in front of your child or any child that may not support this effort.
  10. 24 Hour Rule:
    Parents will promise never to bring up any issues in the company of others or in public at practices or games. Any issues will be conducted via phone call directly to one of the coaches in a private manner 24 hours after the incident.   We all realize that coaches make mistakes and parents are pretty sharp about watching their child’s playing time; so we ask that if you have an issue, call us 24 hours after the incident when you are calm and the coach isn’t worried about game plans or opponents, or anything else that may be giving the coach some stress; no need to add this to the mix.



Latest News


Class of 2020

  • Michael Olejarz - John Handley High School - Defense - Marymount University

Class of 2019

  • Ash Listermann - Lake Braddock High School - Goalie - Felucian University

  • Jack Ryan - South Lakes High School - Attack - College of Idaho

  • Luke Mazur - Home School - Attack - Marymount University

  • Ben Ricketts - Riverside High School - Attack - Chatham University

  • Cannon Varnau - Randolph Macon College

Class of 2018

  • Hayden Pence - Highland School - Midfield - Davis & Elkins College

  • Caden Schaible - Dominion High School - Attack - Delaware Valley College

  • Mark Sprague - Highland School - Attack - Belmont Abbey College

  • Michael Brown - Flint Hill School - Defense - Virginia Military Institute

  • Sam Stone - Loudoun County High School - Attack - Messiah College

  • Tyler Lamb - Loudoun County High School - Defense - Christopher Newport University

  • Ian Bowman - Loudoun Valley High School - Defense - Bridgewater College

  • Aiden Hecht - Stone Bridge High School - Midfield - Bridgewater College

  • Alex Schwind - Stone Bridge High School - Defense - Bridgewater College

  • Noah Smith - South Lakes High School - Goalie - University of Mary Washington

  • Brendan Donovan - Pope John Paul the Great High School - Defense - Gwyned-Mercy University

  • Jack Von Hoene - Dominion High School - Goalie - Brewster Academy

Class of 2017

  • Nick Falso - John Handley High School - Attack - William Peace University

  • Jack Silvernale - Highland School - Midfield - Randolph Macon College

  • Matt Carter - Potomac Falls High School - Defense - Chatham University

  • Sergio Gutierrez - John Handley High School - Midfield - Shenandoah University

  • Ryan Boyd - Heritage High School Defense - Gwyned-Mercy University

  • Tyler Casis - Heritage High School Defense - William Peace University

  • Joe Dougherty - Oceanside High School - Defense - Mariann College

  • Ethan Brundage - Heritage High School - Goalie - Emmanuel College

  • Nick Pasco - Potomac Falls High School - Goalie - Maritime Univeristy

  • Max Wayne - Rock Ridge High School - Defense - Christopher Newport University

  • Joe Sohn - John Champe High School - Attack - Calvin College

  • Jake Branham - Randolph Macon Academy - Midfield - Norwich College

  • Robby Holmes - John Handley High School - Defense - Shenandoah University