Our Philosophy

Our coaching staff is dedicated to providing an exceptional atmosphere where our players can develop their lacrosse skills as well as their ability to work in a team environment. The coaching staff, as well as our players, will be guided by our two main philosophical components:

  1. Respecting The Game At The Highest Level  
  2. Constant Performance Improvement

Respect The Game At The Highest Level: “To Get Respect You Must Give Respect”

Our mission is to use the game of lacrosse to instill great values into our players so that they find success on and off the field. Under the umbrella of “Respecting The Game” we outline these key aspects:

  • Our-Self
  • Our Teammates
  • Our Coaches
  • The Field
  • The Opponents
  • The Opposing Coaches
  • The Refs

Constant Performance Improvement: “Get Better Everyday”

As individuals, and as a team, getting better each day must remain a consistent focus. As a staff, we are committed to pushing our players to reach the full potential of their lacrosse skills. To do this, we utilize a variety of key components such as:

  • The E-Library
  • Performance Improvement Sessions
  • Team Training
  • Tournaments
  • Hour/Age Rule (Our athletes should be training the same amount of hours as their age throughout the week. Ex: 13 year old son should be training lacrosse related skills 13 hours a week including our Evergreen training.)