The Evergreen Lacrosse Club will be hosting the 2nd Annual Evergreen Icebreaker League beginning this December. This league will allow athletes to compete in a competitive atmosphere that will give them adequate time to prepare for the upcoming spring seasons.


Players will register as individuals and will be split into teams on game days prior to the start of the game. This will ensure games will feature full rosters and can be played at a high level.

Each field will be divided in half with one goal on each half. Each half will feature 6 vs 6 games between a team in a DARK reversible and a LIGHT reversible. Teams will compete for 30 minutes before switching sides to play another team. Specific Details are explained below:

  • Each half will feature two teams playing each other in a controlled, 6vs6 game where one team is in DARK and one team is in WHITE. Team's will play 3 minute rounds where DARK will play offense and LIGHT will play defense for 3 minutes. After time is up, teams switch (DARK plays defense and LIGHT plays offense) and they play for another 3 minutes. They will participate in five rounds per game; 10 total per hour.
  • This allows for players to get full game-like repetitions at the 6vs6 format on both offense and defense. Many times in leagues, one team will dominate the other and one side of the field will rarely see the ball which is not a good solution for overall development. With this method, everyone will receive the repetition they need and have time to correct and adapt each game.

If this is unclear, please reach out to Director Ricky Reyes at

Winter Icebreaker League
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TRAINING OPTIONS: We will also offer weekly training academies (10 total) that last an hour and a half each where players will maximize their skill development through stick work, footwork, positional development and live concept training in their age groups.

COST: Sibling Discounts Available.

  • Games Only (8 Total): $200 per Player.
  • Training Only (10 Total): $250 per Player.
  • PACKAGE: All 8 Games and All 10 Training Sessions for Only $299 per Player.

DIVISIONS: Boys 3rd/4th | Boys 5th/6th | Boys 7th/8th | Boys High School JV | Boys High School Varsity. Only 50 Spots per Division are Guaranteed.


Dates and Times:

Games: Weeknights 6PM - 8PM. Exact Schedule will be released in the coming weeks. December 11th through February 1st.

Training: Sundays 12PM - 1:30PM starting December 3rd through February 18th.