Commitment and Expectations

All Evergreen Travel Athletes and Families are held to a very high standard. All members and players must sign the Evergreen Code of Conduct prior to their participation onto the travel team.

As a member of our club, we expect you to attend all scheduled team practices, training sessions and tournament/scrimmages. We also expect a high level of commitment to improving yourself as a player and an athlete outside of the scheduled practice and training time as well.

To register for an evaluation, scroll below TEAM AND ROSTER INFORMATION

Team and Roster Information

The Evergreen Lacrosse Club offers teams at each age level, age groups from 2027-2018. This corresponds to grades 3rd through 12th grade for the 2017-2018 school year. You must attend a Evergreen Lacrosse Evaluation or receive a personal invite by a member of the coaching staff.

Each age group will vary in size and will practice together at all training sessions with multiple coaches per age group. Each age group will have approximately 40-50 players. Rosters are selected by each respective coach at least a week before a tournament. Each roster will have 20-25 players and every player will participate in at least 3 Summer Tournaments and 2 Fall Tournaments. If you can not attend a tournament you are selected for, we will do our best to add you to another tournament.

Having a larger player pool for each age division allows practices and training sessions to be filled with high-level athletes who can push each other to become the best that they can be and allow for full-field scenarios such as rides, clears, man-up/man-down and much more. It also adds a large level of competition throughout the year which we believe is one of the key characteristics (competitiveness) to breed successful players and individuals.

Each player is offered a roster spot in a minimum of 2 Fall Tournaments and 3 Summer Tournaments each year. Some teams will participate in the Howard County (HoCo) Spring League based on coaches evaluation of the team after the Fall & Winter seasons; this will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

For athletes who are not travel-ready, we offer the Evergreen Evolution Program which is a lower-cost, training-only program for players in that age group looking to receive high level of instruction to prepare them for the travel level.


All athletes who are interested in trying out MUST attend at least one of training session. To tryout, please register for an evaluation below and contact us to set-up a time to drop into one of our upcoming training sessions.

Youth Tryouts
30.00 50.00
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High School Tryouts
30.00 50.00
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The Evergreen Travel Program is most elite program offered at Evergreen where athletes will work work with the best coaches in the club on a frequent basis through skill development academies, positional academies, travel team training and much more. Once you join the club, you will have access to all training opportunities held at the Evergreen Lacrosse Club (with exception to events run by a third-party).


  • September 2017 through July 2018: $2495 (does not include mandatory Evergreen Lacrosse Helmet)


  • Fall-Only: $800
  • Winter-Only: $400
  • Spring-Only: $300
  • Summer-Only: $1350

All members of the Evergreen Travel Program must make an additional, one-time purchase of an Evergreen Lacrosse Helmet ($225). If you already own one of our helmets, you do not need to purchase another unless you would like one. Once in the program, you will receive your practice kits, game uniforms and the opportunity to purchase additional branded apparel/items from our team stores online and/or on-site.



Full-Year Options:

  1. PAY IN FULL: Upfront payments in full will knock 5% off the total full-year membership
    Pay off the membership in FIVE (5) consecutive monthly installments (20% each)
    Additional Payments Installments (Up to 12 months) are available but will add an additional $25 per installment.

  Per Season Options:

  • PAY IN FULL: Upfront payments in full will knock 5% off the season membership.
  • PAY INSTALLMENTS: Pay off the membership in TWO (2) consecutive monthly installments (50% each)
  • Additional Payments Installments (Up to 12 months) are available but will add an additional $25 per installment.


  • A Sibling Discount of 12% will be applied to the remaining siblings after the first sibling has been paid for at full tuition.

We do not let finances get in the way of participating in our club; if there is an issue regarding tuition cost, please reach out and discuss.


Season Format

The Evergreen Travel Program offers high level training opportunities during the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer seasons for every age group while tournaments are played in the Fall and Summer.

  • FALL: Weekly Skill Development Academies, Positional Academies & Team Practices (May be substituted for occasional scrimmages). At least 2 Fall Tournaments.
  • WINTER: Weekly Skill Development Academies, Positional Academies and League Games. Optional Indoor Box League (Separate Cost).
  • SPRING: Weekly Skill Development Academies/Team Training & Spring League or Scrimmages (Depending on team's skill level).
  • SUMMER: Weekly Skill Development Academies & Team Practices (May be substituted for occasional scrimmages). At least 2-3 Summer Tournaments, some teams may have more than others (4-5 total)

We are also a proud member of the Lax Federation. Lax Federation is an alliance of multiple clubs in various states that helps bring additional, more nation-wide opportunities to our players such as National Teams, Tournaments and Recruiting. Members of the Evergreen Travel Program are eligible to be selected for the Lax Fed National Teams and Showcases.


The Evergreen Experience

Schuyler loves ELC. We love watching Schuyler’s continuing growth. We especially love watching his love for the game. He has been chomping at the bit for travel team practices to begin. Can’t thank you and your staff enough for providing him the appropriate environment for him to learn and grow
— Tom
Just an awesome lacrosse organization. The focus on improving the young athlete not just as a player but also as a whole person is outstanding they have it right
— Eric
There are a few times in life when I have witnessed mastery in person. Today was one of those days for me watching you coach our boys team tonight. I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for following what is clearly your passion in bringing inspiration to these young men.
— Toni
Evergreen Lacrosse has been 100% committed to making my son and each of his teammates the best that they can be. Great coaches and amazing facility. My son loves it here!
— Lisa
From a parents perspective, it is really impressive (and atypical) to get such detailed and personalized experience. Thus far this it shaping up to be one of the most profitable training experiences he has had. Thanks very much
— Steve
Just a quick note to say thank you. I have been around lax as a player, coach and parent for thirty years. I have never seen a team like Evergreen. You guys have created an environment that strikes the perfect balance between competitive lax and great fun. Sometimes we all need a reminder that being serious about lax and having fun are not mutually exclusive. You guys are setting a great example
— John
Nick became more confident in himself and his skills. He was excited to play and had a stick in his hand all the time. Thank you so much for your dedication. You are a positive coach who was supportive, encouraging, and shared your skills, knowledge of the game and passion with the boys.
— Stacey
As Joseph began his lacrosse career with you last summer at Evergreen House League, it has been impressive and has made me proud to see how far he has come in almost a year. Much of his advancement and love for the game is due to Evergreen
— Mike
The vision coupled with the facility, will make Evergreen Lacrosse the premier organization in NVA. I’m excited for my kids to be a part of Evergreen. Thank you Coach Reyes!
— Jeff


Shoot our Director, Ricky Reyes, an e-mail at He will be excited to answer any questions you may have!