Season Format

The Evergreen Travel Program offers high level training opportunities during the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer seasons for every age group while tournaments are played in the Fall and Summer. After playing with their specific team in the Fall, all athletes undergo a "re-evaluation period" throughout the Winter and Spring seasons where they will train together in age groups where they will compete all off-season (winter/spring) against each other. Once this period ends, the coaches will re-roster all players into specific teams based on their overall performance in the winter & spring to ensure all players are competing at the level that will allow them to be the most competitive throughout the Summer. (This means that you may not be on the same team as you were on in the Fall - this allows for players to continue to work hard and compete all year round to preserve their spots.) All year-round players are guaranteed a roster spot as well as participation in at least 2 Fall Events/Tournaments and 3 Summer Tournaments.

Training Breakdown:

Commitment and Expectations

All Evergreen Travel Athletes and Families are held to a very high standard. All members and players must sign the Evergreen Code of Conduct prior to their participation onto the travel team. To learn more about club expectations, please Click Here


You will be required to register with the club and make your initial payment to secure your spot within 48 hours of receiving an invite. After the 48 hour period, your spot on that team is no longer reserved. Payments can be made in:

  • INSTALLMENTS: One payment of $499 upon registering to secure your spot followed by equal monthly payments (totaling to $2695) leading up to January 2019

  • FULL: One payment of $2545 made upon registering to secure your spot (Save $150... originally $2695)


  • A Sibling Discount of 12% will be applied to the remaining siblings after the first sibling has been paid for at full tuition.We do not let finances get in the way of participating in our club; if there is an issue regarding tuition cost, please reach out and discuss.

Once you have made either an INSTALLMENT or FULL payment, your Evergreen Travel Kit will be processed, ordered and shipped directly to the Evergreen Sportsplex. Sizes will be made based on the information gathered from the evaluation registration. Jersey numbers are assigned to the players; they are not requested. The Evergreen Travel Kit includes:

  • 2 Evergreen Performance T-Shirts

  • 1 Evergreen Practice Shorts (Athletes receive their practice reversible at evaluations)

  • 1 Evergreen Under Armour Game Reversible

  • 1 Evergreen Car Magnet


You will be invited to participate in the Evergreen Evolution program which is a training-only program in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer that allows players who are not yet travel-ready to receive high level instruction from our travel coaches so they can develop the skills necessary to participate on a team down the road. Participation in this alternative program does not guarantee a roster spot on any teams.



Refunds will only be given to any club player who cannot participate due to injury – A doctor’s note must be submitted. No refunds will be awarded for practices missed or tournaments missed.



The Lax Federation (Lax Fed) is a group of well-established and highly successful lacrosse clubs who collaborate at the national level. The Lax Fed allows its member clubs the unique opportunity for its players to play with other elite players from across the country on the Lax Fed national teams; collaborate to provide premier lacrosse events, offers member players the opportunity to be featured on the Lax Fed website and assist with the overall recruiting process. In addition, Lax Fed members have the opportunity to have their players compete with the best across the country. Players will be selected by the Lax Fed Committee comprised of current college coaches and more. More information on the teams will be coming soon