Evergreen's Travel Program is unique as they offer a variety of training opportunities that is included for all of our travel athletes when they join our club. : Travel Team Training, Positional Academies and Live Reps & IQ Training. Members of the Evergreen Travel Program benefit from all three styles of training throughout the year which helps develop the overall lacrosse athlete.


Positional Academies

The Evergreen Lacrosse Positional Academies are designed to allow our travel athletes to receive the necessary attention, instruction and repetition to improve their position-specific skills with dedicated coaches who specialize in that position. Each session focuses on particular themes/skill sets for every position to ensure athletes are constantly developing and improving each week. We offer positional instruction for:

  • Attackmen
  • Midfielders
  • Defenders
  • Goalies
  • Face-Off Specialists

Live Reps & IQ Training

The Evergreen Lacrosse Live Reps & IQ Training is a unique training program offered to our travel team athletes that allows them to have a complete understanding of the game through breaking it down into smaller concepts. Our goal with this is for all athletes to be able to understand how things unfold throughout the game, why certain things happened and what to do to execute properly. Such concepts included: 1v1, 2V2, 3V3, 4V4, 5V5, Unsettled, Rides, Clears, etc.


Travel Team Training

The Evergreen Lacrosse Travel Team Training are held to allow teams to work with their team-specific coaches and work on larger-scale concepts such as full field play, EMO, MDD, etc. All of our coaches are educated on the Evergreen Methodology which keeps all of our travel teams consistent in what basic offenses/defense/concepts they run. They are all streamlined from the youngest ages to our oldest teams.