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Whether you’re here for a day or committed for years, we’ve got exactly what your athlete needs to become the best that they can be.




  • Evergreen Lacrosse has some of the most experienced coaches in Northern Virginia. All of the coaches on staff have multiple years of Lacrosse experience, including playing at the college and professional level. With an incredible facility, and phenomenal coaching, Evergreen Lacrosse Club is the premier lacrosse destination in the Washington D.C. area.
    — Kevin B.
  • I can't say enough about this group. From the coaches, parents, to the players you won't find a more family built atmosphere for your child to play in. Ricky and the guys have been a terrific mentor and role model for my son!
    — Mike K.
  • Excellent program geared towards mentoring young people to not only be better athletes, but mentally prepared as well.
    — Sandra O, Evergreen 2021 Travel Parent
  • Great staff, enthusiastic environment, and superior facilities all focused on giving your athlete the motivation to be the best they can. Very proud to be part of the Evergreen family.
    — Mike R, Evergreen 2021 Travel Parent
  • Beautiful facilities and an amazing group of coaches! I know a lot of them personally and the heart and passion they have for this sport is what makes them and this club stand out. I would 100% recommend Evergreen to anyone looking for a wonderful and beneficial club experience.
    — Sam C.
  • Great coaching staff. Really helped develop me as a player as well as assisted in my search for a college program that fit me well. Program was always willing to put as much effort into me as I was into them.
    — Max W, Evergreen Class of 2017
  • Awesome experience for kids of all ages to strengthen their lacrosse career. Every single of the coaches honestly cares about the development and success of all the players. I wish I had an organization like ELC when I was younger.
    — Kyle S.
  • Evergreen lacrosse is 100% committed to making each athlete the best lacrosse player they can be. Great coaches and facility. My son loves Evergreen.
    — Lisa P, Evergreen 2019 Travel Parent
  • We have loved the attention and coaching that the Evergreen Lacrosse Club has given our boys to make them better both on and off the field. I appreciate the commitment of the program as a whole to their athletes and families.
    — Jenn U, Evergreen 2017 Travel Parent
  • The vision, coupled with the facility, will make Evergreen Lacrosse the premier organization in North Virginia. I'm excited for my boys to be part of Evergreen Lacrosse. Thanks Coach Reyes!
    — Jeff M, Evergreen 2019 and 2021 Travel Parent
  • Just an awesome lacrosse organization! The focus on improving the young athlete not just as a player but also as a whole person is outstanding. They have it right!
    — Eric W, Evergreen 2017 Travel Parent

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I joined Evergreen because I got the coaching I needed that I wasn’t provided at other clubs I played for. All of the coaches took me under their wing and gave me the push I needed to legitimately start getting recruited.

They told me what I needed to do, guided me on where I had to go, and supported me the whole time. Without the coaches I had at Evergreen, I would not be the player I am today.
— Max Wayne, Evergreen Class of 2017. CNU Lacrosse '22



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